Thursday, 7 February 2013

Series 1 – The 7 Deadly Sins



Dear Reader

My first series for this blog will be on the 7 Deadly Sins.  Why such an odd and gloomy subject to start with? Well in effect because they are the root of all the other sins and is the rot gnawing at the heart of our modern society. There should be a least one post on each sin but individual sins may have multiple postings. To keep up spirits each sin will be matched with its corresponding Heavenly Virtue.

As an introduction to the series here are the Sins matched with their Virtues.

Pride – Humility

Covetousness – Charity

Lust – Chastity

Anger/Wrath – Patience

Gluttony – Temperance

Envy – Kindness

Sloth – Diligence

The first post should be up soon, so I will see you then.

Yours in Christ

Dominic Maria

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