Saturday, 9 February 2013

Our Lady's Saturday - St Cyril and The Mother of God


Dear Reader

On this Saturday dedicated, as are all Saturdays, to the honour of Our Lady let us pray with fervour remembering the example of St. Cyril of Alexandria the great defender of the Mother of God. He defended Her title of Theotokos (God-Bearer) against the heretics of his day. So let us remember that Our Lady is not just the Mother of Christ but though the Trinity and the consubstantial nature of Christ,  is also the Mother of God. This Saturday as it is the 9th of February is the feast of St. Cyril of Alexandria so today we may both honour him and his Belovd Mother.

St Cyril composed a beautiful prayer which expresses in an extraordinary way the role and majesty of the Mother of God, which I recommend for recitation on this day.

“Hail Mary, Mother of God,
Crowned Treasure of all the Universe,
Star without Decline,
Crown of Virginity,
Sceptre of the True Faith,
Indestructible Temple,
Dwelling of the Incommensurable,
Mother and Virgin.

We salute you because you are called Blessed in the Holy Gospel
and you come in the name of the Lord.
We salute you, Mother of God,
because you contained in your virginal womb
what Heaven could not contain.

Through you, in whom Heaven rejoices,
the Holy Trinity is glorified and worshipped in every land. “

May Almighty God bless you and may the Most Holy Mother of God intercede for you with Her divine Son.

Yours in Christ
Dominic Maria

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